2017 South Florida Real Estate Market Developments

Wed Jan 11, 2017 by on Florida Real Estate

Though the country faces new challenges in 2017, the South Florida real estate market looks good long term.

Buying a home is still one of the most important investments you can make and that holds true in the current South Florida housing market. Prices for homes in South Florida are still relatively low and have yet to reach the levels seen prior to the Great Recession but rents are increasing which means buying a home is still the smartest decision you can make especially if inflation starts to kick in once again.

View the video below to learn more as Real Estate Blogger Roy Oppenheim discusses the effect that interest rates, currency exchange rates, and inflation will have on the future real estate market in South Florida.


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  1. Michael says:

    I am sorry, but I disagree. This bubble will pop by mid 2018 at the absolute latest and the foreclosures will mount again and the Banks will be a disaster once more.. Prices will Drop, Rents will Drop and the Foreclosure Attorneys will be busy again.. The technical charts show the bond/interest rates have hit their 35 year low and now will be progressively higher(interest rates) from here on out which will create higher borrowing costs for consumers and reduce the value of residential and commercial property.. SW Florida is in a major bubble of building and extreme higher prices, and at this point, prices may exceed the 2006/07 highs.. Purposely pumping bubbles by the central Banksters to create wealth effects(Bernanke) and then having idiots like Central Bankster Dudly stating that owners should tap into their equity again spells of disaster, especially when savings rates are almost non existent in America and we have a 206 Trillion dollar present value shortfall As Professor Lawrence Kartilikoff states from Boston University.. You would think people would have learned from the last bubble created by Greenspan and boosted by Bernanke, but memories are short, so Americans will have to learn once again that creating bubble economies based on endless debt will in Disaster.. Housing bubbles, Automotive bubbles, Student Loan bubbles, and the largest bubble of all> The Bond Bubble.. I politely disagree that Real estate will continue much longer..

  2. Thank you for sharing the article. It’s very useful. Hope to hear more from you.

  3. Very insightful video.Very nice points discussed in the video.Real estate developers can benefit from this.

  4. Indiareside says:

    Great Post Mr.Roy Oppenheim.Thanks for the information.

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