Where's Waldo? Where's a Copy of the Mortgage Settlement?

Just like Waldo, a copy of the mortgage settlement is awfully hard to find.

The dust has finally settled on last week’s mortgage settlement.

It dominated the news cycle once the details of the agreement broke. I spent the bulk of my day a week ago talking to the media and weighing in on it’s significance.

But there is one clear question that I haven’t heard anyone been able to definitely answer yet.

Has anyone seen the darn thing, in it’s entirety? I sure haven’t!

I’ve seen press releases from the states, plenty of summaries, and an extensive statement from Attorney General Eric Holder. So there are details that are out there. But the document itself?

Right now Waldo is easier to find.

No formal agreement has been filed with the courts and we hear it may not even be completed!

And according to my friends at the Crew of 42 Blog, Congress hasn’t seen a copy of it either.

Maryland congressman Elijah Cummings is quoted in Crew of 42 as saying he wasn’t concerned that he hadn’t seen a copy and that he trusts his attorney general.

Color us slightly more skeptical.

A website was set up explaining the details of the settlement the day it was announced, but where the actual settlement is supposed to be it just says coming soon.

For a government that prides itself on being transparent, this just can not stand.

President Obama may be reengaged and all signs point to him being back on the side of the homeowner, but there are plenty who remain unconvinced and this doesn’t exactly help.

For an agreement that 49 attorneys general and 5 large banks haggled over for months to be so hard to find is at the very least, a little bit strange.

Banks, with the settlement now behind them, are already starting to ramp back up on foreclosures based on no small part, on what the settlement says.

If they have seen it, and it would be ludicrous to think they haven’t, don’t you have the same right?

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