Who’s Who Dynamic Duos

We congratulate both of our founders, Ellen Pilelsky and Roy Oppenheim, for being featured as a Dynamic Duo in the June 1, 2021 issue of Lifestyle Magazine.

Here is the full story: 

Do you have any advice for anyone considering starting a business?

Do what you are passionate about and work with those that you hold close. It can be a bit challenging working with someone close to you but trust your instincts, be receptive to input, and understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, create boundaries when you agree to not to talk about the business, so you are able to maintain a work life balance, even through this pandemic.

Which business partnership was your inspiration and/or role model?

Our inspiration is from Ellen’s parents who had their own small successful business for years. Having had the experience to see how first-hand they managed family and work years ago certainly influenced our perspective in starting, continuing, and maintaining our own businesses. Further, Ellen’s parents demonstrated to us the flexibility that can be achieved by having one’s own business.

What is the biggest accomplishment that both of you are most proud of as a team and why?

Besides our adult children and our granddaughter, perhaps the biggest accomplishment is that we built two businesses that have served South Florida for thirty years. We are particularly proud of how our teams have been able to assist individuals, their families, and their businesses in dealing with the consequences of both the Great Recession and now, this pandemic. We are so honored to have served as a community resource through our blogs and complimentary webinars.

When and how did you meet your partner?

We met on the registration line at Northwestern University School of Law in Chicago. Roy was always that person who came to class reading the Wall Street Journal and yet still seemed to know all the answers. We then both started our career at different firms on Wall Street and then subsequently relocated to South Florida.

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