CitiMortgage Launches Program for Distressed Homeowners

Roy Oppenheim Tells SFBJ: It’s a Year Late!

South Florida Business Journal

Oppenheim Law has been arguing for creative and practical solutions that benefit banks and homeowners alike for more than two years. Finally, while curiously late into the game, CitiMortgage announces a trial deed-in-lieu mortgage program allowing homeowners to avoid the painful foreclosure process.

CitiMortgageThe deed-in-lieu program allows Florida homeowners facing foreclosure to remain in their homes for 6 months, in exchange for signing over their deeds to CitiMortgage at the end of the period.

Check out Roy Oppenheim’s opinion on the CitiMortgage announcement by reading the entire article in the Oppenheim Law News Room.

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2 responses to “CitiMortgage Launches Program for Distressed Homeowners”

  1. Debra says:

    FINALLY !!! Right now I wish my loan was with them. Roy, please keep us informed if anyother banks follow suit !!!!!

  2. Lisa Sadowski says:

    Dear Mr. Oppenheimer,

    Thank you for your article regarding CitiMortgage’s deed in lieu program. I have a QUESTION for you. Does this program apply to those who have a property as a second home or investment property? Also, do you think that other banks like Bank of America (Countrywide formerly) will follow suit? Thanks for all your hard work in trying to help those of us facing foreclosures.