Taking Charge of our Future: Allstate’s Message (I Agree)

The Silver Lining of this Foreclosure Crisis From the Heart

Thanks for your positive feedback on our new column. This post is the second for Oppenheim Law’s senior partner, Ellen Pilelsky, as she discusses Florida real estate and foreclosure, sharing her perspective “From the Heart.”

From the HeartSome say there is a reason for everything and that we can control our own lives. Both of these thoughts come to mind when I watch Allstate’s recent “Our Stand” ad campaign.

I’ve now watched this short video a few times, and each time I am so moved that I felt compelled to share it with you. The video drives home the point that even through these difficult economic times, we all can and will make it through.

It’s up to us to deal with and rise from the challenges we face today.

There is hope. We all just need to look at our lives and make changes that need to be made. As long as we are able to recognize what is really the most important things in our life, like family and friends, then we can avoid getting bogged down with “all the other stuff.”

The Silver Lining

There has to be a true silver lining to this foreclosure crisis.

I believe that our children will learn from these challenging times to live on what they earn and not beyond their means. They will become our future leaders in just a few short years and they will bring that old fashioned American Ideal to Washington and to the State Capitals. Soon our governments will learn to do with less, but still provide the essential services we need. We all just have to believe.

Although families may have to double up at times, children will actually once again truly know their grandparents. We all will learn how to prepare a home cooked meal with more natural ingredients and eat out less. Families may decide to reacquaint themselves with the great outdoors and go camping instead of trekking to a pricey resort. And we will find true happiness or riches is not just a bank account but how fulfilled our lives are based on friends and the good deeds we have done for others. Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project is a good read and reminder of this.

Paying it Forward

I always taught my family the importance of “paying it forward” and believe now more than ever that lesson can provide much joy and happiness to the person paying it up front.

It is strange how in times like these we all need to understand we really do not need all that much. And if we can use our energy to be positive and move forward, then we will emerge stronger and wiser.

From the Heart,

Ellen Pilelsky

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4 responses to “Taking Charge of our Future: Allstate’s Message (I Agree)”

  1. Herb Pilelsky says:

    Exceptional! Very well written. After reading, the only thought I had was that in times of dire economics, families truly come together. In the Great Depression, it was the norm for families to pool their resouces, live either close by or together. Conversations came alive around the radio (and this was a typical Saturday night entertainment).Those who survived that period saved money, rarely used credit cards, bought only what they could pay for (cash) and appreciated the “little things.” Those times may well be today’s times as well.

  2. Colleen Crandall says:

    I can truly say that between you and Roy, I have had a total shift in paradigm. Problems are a part of life, and mistakes a way of growing, a requisite for wisdom. Thanks for dispensing the wisdom, of “bricks and mortar”: To (re)learn that our homes are where our relationships are, not the building where these reside, is to embrace an essential concept for a fulfilling life. True maturation is hard earned, and I applaud you for helping others to see the opportunity for growth during these days. Kudos to you both!

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  4. Mediator Ken says:

    Excellent post. Very thoughtful and well written.

    I couldn’t agree more!