Deep Cleanings for Foreclosures

Many people may be hesitant to believe that business is booming, but there is a particular profession that is; namely, Property Preservationists for distressed properties.

As reported in the August 13th Sun-Sentinel, foreclosures have tripled across the nation since 2005. More and more of these properties are becoming REOs, or “real estate owned,” meaning the bank holds the deed. Before hitting the market, these foreclosed properties need a visit from a Property Preservationist for a “deep cleaning.” “Property Preservationists” swoop in to handle various tasks such as removing trash, mowing the lawn, boarding up windows, even asking squatters to find a new place of residence. One such Preservationist “deep cleans” between 10 and 20 REOs in a typical week, in addition to inspecting 90 structures and securing 20 others.

“Nobody likes to see me. But when a house’s teeth go bad, who else is going to clean out the rot,” states Nick Hazel, one such Preservationist. In 2009, 1 in every 33 homes in Florida is at risk for a visit by Hazel as 3 out of 100 homes are in foreclosure. Nationally, 1 in 84 is at risk.

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