Mother’s Day Message

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Mother’s Day Message

Dear Friends:

“Home is where your mom is.”—Unknown

This Mother’s Day is different.

The pandemic challenged our concept of home and our parental roles as perhaps never before. Many of us moms (as well as dads and guardians) had to make decisions to change or leave employment to assume full or part-time roles of teaching our children due to school closures, stay at home mandates, and remote learning. Home became more than our family safe zone—it became our schools and our workplace as many were able to work remotely.

And home took on more meaning as families came together, living in multi-generational homes.

Our home was one of those. During the beginning of the pandemic, our grown children returned home, and we were fortunate to all work remotely. We took turns making meals, took on different household chores, and celebrated special occasions together.

In particular, last Mother’s Day, we dressed as though we were going to a restaurant, our children assuming the roles of chef, server, and maître de, as we sat around our elegantly set table pretending the world was normal during perhaps some of the most difficult times of the pandemic. We were blessed to experience the birth of our first grandchild when our children were home with us. And, while our children have now returned to their own homes, Mother’s Day 2020 was like no other.

For me , this Mother’s Day is different because, this past year, I experienced the full circle of life—the birth of Olivia, and the loss of my mom, Annette.

This Mother’s Day is a special tribute to my mom (and all of those out there) who put family first. My mom was our firm’s first bookkeeper thirty-one years ago, helping us form its foundation. At that time, Mom hung scribbled drawings of our then young children around her office. She always made sure that she had a glass bowl of candies on her desk. Throughout her life, Mom was an advisor, confidant, and friend, and all who knew her were fortunate to have known her.

As the unknown poet above penned, “home is where mom is”— which, for me, is in my heart.

For all of us moms (and parents in general) who, due to the pandemic, had to take on new roles, and for all of us who experienced the greatest joys and losses within our own homes this past year, we celebrate this Mother’s Day because we have overcome challenges, both professional and personal, with resiliency.

From our home to yours, we celebrate all those who made and continue to make a difference in our lives.

From the heart,

Ellen B. Pilelsky

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  1. Natalia Tovar Kalderon says:

    Beautiful message! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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