Oppenheim Law Shares Robo-Signer Story with Sun Sentinel Real Estate Writer

Homeowners and lawyers including Roy Oppenheim say overwhelmed lenders and judges are rubber-stamping foreclosures, overlooking major problems and compromising the defendants’ rights to due process.

Sun Sentinel Roy Oppenheim and Geoff Sherman Share Story of Improper Foreclosure

In a recent interview with Sun Sentinel’s Real Estate Writer Paul Owers, Roy Oppenheim and Geoff Sherman shared a recent case of improper foreclosure.

“This case is a symbol of the crisis,” said Oppenheim, whose Weston, Florida law firm is representing the Kachkos. “It’s a system that’s run amok. All the rules of civil procedure are being flushed down the toilet.”

Read more about how Oppenheim and Geoff Sherman crafted a basic foreclosure defense for a client outlined in this story

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  1. Allancohara says:

    Chase closed without a certificate of occupnacy on new constuction and was locked out for 9 months. My loan audit stated the Chase broke OCC guildines Chase is trying to foreclose. Allan

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  3. ProtectUsPeople says: