Our Family To Yours: To A Brighter 2021

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Dear Friends:

This holiday season we look to 2021 with a sense of hope and optimism.

With the pending distribution of a vaccine, we are encouraged that the worse of the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us and will be, ultimately, an eventual memory.

Someone recently asked me what lessons I have learned from 2020. While the pandemic presented challenges that few of us ever anticipated, perhaps one of the biggest lessons learned is that 2020 has shown how remarkably resilient we truly are.

We continued to do what we had done prior to the pandemic, despite unfortunately millions of people globally being infected and the numbers of deaths caused by the virus. Work? For those of us who had physical offices, we continued to work—whether it is at a physical  office with safety protocols and government guidelines or virtual workplaces from our home or other locations. Exercise? We continued to exercise—perhaps now from our home or through on demand or streaming classes. See friends and family? We continued to spend time with friends and family—even if by wearing masks or via Zoom, Facetime, Facebook Portal, or some other technological means.

We may have changed how we went through our daily routines, but we adapted. And while many of us went from having personal contact to living largely in a virtual world, the fact is that we nevertheless forged on and created a new normal.

For the past thirty years, our law firm and title company have weathered many storms. This year, we reimagined our businesses, allowing for us to work seamlessly from home or office. Our adaptive team of professionals continue to do what it takes to make sure that we provide the highest quality legal and title services.

2021 opens a period of possibility. We now bring what we have learned as a result of living through a global pandemic to shape the future we want to live. We now think about what we value now more than ever because of changes that we have had to make. We now consider, perhaps more than ever, how we want to live and how we are able to collectively work together to further our communities, our country, and the world.

On behalf of our family and everyone at Oppenheim Law and Weston Title, we wish you, your family, and your loved ones, a healthy and safe holiday season.

To a brighter 2021,

Ellen Pilelsky

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