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Fri Mar 20, 2009 by on Florida Law News

My associate, Geoff Sherman, received from a friend a great online video describing how we got into this foreclosure/ financial crisis in a short cartoon. The producer, Jonathan Jarvis, prepared this video as part of his graduate thesis in the Media Design Program at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. The key here is, he took a really complex issue and by using show-and-tell tools, was able to dissect the issue into tiny morsels of digestible information. It is literally one of the best explanations I have seen on the whole foreclosure/credit crisis. It’s a step-by-step description of how the way mortgages were handled lead up to the foreclosure crisis that America is dealing with now. I hope you will watch it.

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One response to “Roy Oppenheim's Video Pick of the Week”

  1. Thx. Roy. Great video. May I be a bit of a cynic and propose that the entire thing was contrived to work out exactly in that manner? Now unemployment rises, crime rates go up, living standards go down, hyper-inflation occurs, the $ takes a plunge, this happens all over the world too, quite precipitously, and when the “stimulus” idea fails miserably, there are no other viable options to bring us out of the bottomless pit than to proceed with one-worldism, globalization, if you will, and new currencies dependent on real backing (Gold-Silver-Platinum) are issued, to cover huge free-trading geographical areas (In our case, US, Mexico, Canada and some parts of South & Central America). These blocks are forming right now. Russia and China are in discussions for a joint currency. The European Union served as a testing ground, and, going back to my initial point, that is the ultimate reason why the powers that be designed this financial meltdown to go down exactly as it has been. Welcome to the preamble to the New World Order – Nuvos Ordu Seclorum/A New Order of Things. May God help us all, because the next logical step is a trigger to cause mass rioting, vandalism, looting, manifestations and a lot of fear. Things do not look good and they are going to get much worse. When you are in the brink of suicide and think that all hope has been lost, they will come and present you with the globalization schemes that will “save you,” and you will gladly sign on that dotted line. At that point, the sacrifice of your soul is complete. Time to wake up! Prepare now.