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Mon Jul 19, 2010 by on Florida Law News

As housing sales hit an all time low, The South Florida Law Blog and Oppenheim Law bring our readers a fresh perspective on the Florida real estate landscape and legal trends. We also serve as an expert source to local and national media outlets.

Investing, renting, buying or selling real estate in today’s market is a tricky course to follow, we know, we’re on the frontlines and in the trenches defending homeowners.

So we wanted to take note of the other excellent resources and personalities to follow in the news. House Keys, written by Sun-Sentinel real estate reporter Paul Owers, and It’s Your Money, written by Sun-Sentinel personal finance reporter Harriet Johnson Brackey.

Connected to Oppenheim Law on Twitter, @OPLaw? You can follow Paul Owers, @paulowers, and Harriet Johnson Brackey, @HarrietBrackey, as well for the latest in business news and views on personal finance, real estate and foreclosure defense.

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One response to “Sun-Sentinel Business Blogs to Like, Follow and Comment”

  1. RASP says:

    We have been reading about this foreclosure thing for over a year now. I have the conviction that the banking industry aided and abetted by the democrats (not the Republics) in Washington DC set the table for all of this. Those in the business of “flipping” acerbated the situation.

    So then if this is right and I think if we were to think objectively then our conclusion would be that this statement is correct.Then who or what group should pay the piper for this dance? Please don’t quote legalize doctrine! I’m talking right and wrong.

    I have been a state of Florida certified general contractor since the year 1973. I have been in this industry beginning in 1963 working a summer job as an electricians helper. My business and every other individual’s business in the industry has suffered a serious negative impact with this situation the likes of which I have never previously seen.

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