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BPA and Baby Bottles: Wendi Oppenheim Presents Research to Broward County Commission

Fri Apr 9, 2010 by on Florida Law News

Another member of the Oppenheim family is making headlines! Wendi Oppenheim, a 17-year-old junior at Pine Crest School in Fort Lauderdale, has been studying the negative health effects associated with the transfer of Bisphenol-A (BPA) to toddlers and infants through plastic baby bottles and is presenting her findings to the Broward County Commission on April 13 at 10 a.m. “Something […]

Instant Replay! UStream TV Brings Oppenheim Law Workshop Live! April’s Short Sale + Foreclosure Defense Workshop in Review

Live from Ustream, it’s Roy Oppenheim with an instant replay available for the next 48 hours! On a night when Oppenheim Law broadcast its monthly Foreclosure Defense Workshop to over 100 viewers on UStream, the primary message from real estate attorney and legal blogger Roy Oppenheim was one of opportunity and hope. As we continue to roll through 2010, dubbed […]

Drowning Debtors Face New Monster: Wage Garnishment Rises as Much as 120%

National news exposed another monster rearing its ugly head to drown already flailing debtors. The New York Times reports today that wage garnishment is on the rise: up 30 to 120% depending on the state. This news comes as a kick to debtors who are already down, buried in insurmountable debt. Under federal law, the garnishor must leave the debtor […]

Roy Oppenheim on “Asset Protection” Show Part 2 – Discusses Deficiency Judgments and Homeowner Negotiating Power

Homeowners who are represented by proper legal counsel and take steps to protect their assets before, during and after the foreclosure process can leverage valuable negotiating power over the banks, according to Florida Real Estate Attorney Roy Oppenheim. Oppenheim sat down with Asset Protection Attorney Douglass Lodmell for a second time to discuss the specific benefits legal representation can present […]

Underwater, But Mortgage Tides Turning: Mortgage Principal Reductions are Coming

WOW: What a week for folks who are looking for ways to bailout their family from the underwater mortgage mess. The tide may be turning. This third week of March 2010 will long be remembered for when tides started to truly turn for those families with underwater mortgages. First, of course the historic health bill was passed by Congress and […]

Oppenheim Law Brings Class Action Suits Against the Banks

Enough is enough. Oppenheim Law, along with a team of lawyers, recently brought a series of class action suits against various banks alleging the banks charged improper fees at closing. Specifically, these banks have been accused of the unlicensed practice of law for charging documentary preparation fees in connection with their mortgages. Interestingly, the Florida Supreme Court recently heard arguments […]

From the Heart: Life Lessons Learned from Mister Rogers

Fri Mar 19, 2010 by on Florida Law News

Cooperation, Persistence, Patience, Sharing, and Positivity This post is the third for Oppenheim Law’s senior partner, Ellen Pilelsky, as she discusses Florida real estate and foreclosure, sharing her perspective “From the Heart.” Oppenheim Law looks forward to your continued feedback and support for this new column. It has been seven years since Fred Rogers, the star of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, […]

Roy Oppenheim Shares View on Real Estate Radio USA

Listeners Tune In, Oppenheim Discuss Florida Foreclosure + Short Sales Short sales have emerged as the best option for most South Florida homeowners when it comes to defending foreclosure and avoiding costly deficiency judgments, according to real estate attorney and legal blogger Roy Oppenheim. Oppenheim joined host Barry Johnson on Real Estate Radio USA to discuss the latest trends in […]