Foreclosure Fallout: Robo-Signing deal falls flat

President Obama is likely to talk about this in tonight’s State of The Union Address, but we’re not going to wait that long.

With details of the proposed $25 billion settlement with the nation’s largest banks over the robo-signing fiasco now out in the public eye thanks to the Associated Press, we feel a large sense of disappointment.

There’s no question that this deal will change the mortgage industry for the better. Some homeowners will even have a much better chance of being able to restructure their loans when facing foreclosure under this deal.

No One’s Getting Their Keys Back

Yet, there are many out there who are going to feel little comfort with this agreement. Here’s what the deal is NOT going to do. It’s not going to put people who’ve lost their homes (again because of deceptive foreclosure practices) back in those houses, or give them any real financial security.

According to the deal, about 750,000 Americans, which by the way is about

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6 responses to “Foreclosure Fallout: Robo-Signing deal falls flat”

  1. Jkmosovich says:

    I totally agree with you, Roy.  You might want to get in touch with Dylan Ratigan, MSNBC, who, along with Elliot Spitzer & Beau Biden & the AG of NY,
    are on a quest to make this rape of the people via the banksters a national conversation in order to move change.
    Dylan will be at Books & Books tomorrow nite at 7pm…He is talking about the mortgage situation from Miami on his show 4pm MSNBC.
    Regards, Jill Mosovich

  2. Nootkabear says:

    We the people will not be happy with such BS!

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