Time To Break Up ‘Too Big To Fail’ Banks Is Now

Wed Apr 11, 2012 by on Florida Law News

“Let me be frank. Our banks earn profit too easily. Why? Because a small number of large banks have a monopoly.”

Sounds like something I would have said. Or something our president SHOULD be saying.

Except here’s the thing. The elected official quoted isn’t talking about our own corrupt banking system.

The quote above came from the prime minister of China. And he’s talking about his own country’s state-run banking companies.

Wen Jiabao, during a recent broadcast of China’s state-run radio, said his banks need to be broken up to fix his country’s economy.

If China, a country not exactly known for embracing capitalism, wants to break up its banks, does the US have any other choice but to follow suit?

I believe our nation, as a people, is duty bound to do so.

I’m saying it. The Dallas Fed has said it. Even Bruce Springsteen has said it. And now the prime minister of China has said it.

When banks are not only ‘Too Big To Fail’ but too big to compete, we the people must step in and break them up.

There really is no other choice. It’s pretty shocking that China has come to that conclusion before us. In fact it’s an absolute disgrace.

The idea that it’s OK for the TBTF banks to continue operating at the size they now do is a fallacy and it’s a notion that’s only been propounded by the banking industry to basically preserve the status quo.

Just shows you whose pockets many of our politicians are in.

Only when we have competitive, nimble, smaller banks that are able to seize new opportunities as they arise are we going to be able to compete on the world stage.

There is a glaring lack of competition amongst the Too Big To Fail banks. And of course, when they control over 50 percent of US banking capital, why would they want to compete?

Let’s not forget that the US has a history of breaking up companies, that either through their own growth or incompetence, become a monopoly.

It was done with AT&T, the steel companies and Standard Oil. So why wouldn’t the government do the same with Bank of America or Wells Fargo?

Companies of that size hurt economic growth, and there is just no way that our dysfunctional real estate market will significantly improve until the banks are broken up.

We need a rebirth, back to a time where banks were invested in their local communities, where people looked up to their local bankers. It has been, and ought to be, the backbone of our country.

But that can’t happen until the Too Big To Fail Banks are broken up. If that doesn’t happen, it could take years, maybe another decade for the real estate market and the unemployment rate to come back to a sense of normalcy.

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