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Steaming Hot: Luxury Home Sales in South Florida

Tue Apr 27, 2021 by on Florida Real Estate & Real Estate

Steaming Hot: Luxury Home Sales in South Florida

Since late last year, residential properties in South Florida ranging from $1 million plus to over $15 million have been selling at incredible pace. Single family sales doubled, with average sales prices increasing 20.1% from $2.55 million to $3.06 million, with all cash deals more than doubling. While high-end condo market sales are arguably outpacing single family home, the overall […]

Refinancing for Cash? Join the crowd!

cash out refinance

In 2021, more Americans have taken cash from cash-out refis than any time since the Financial Crisis of 2008. U.S. homeowners cashed out a record $152.7 billion in home equity last year, up from 42% since 2019 and the most since 2007, according to mortgage giant Freddie Mac. Why the uptick? The pandemic has certainly brought challenges to us all. […]

Landlords Are Accepting Partial Rent Payments. Ruling Shows This Might Be a Mistake

Landlords Are Accepting Partial Rent Payments. Ruling Shows This Might Be a Mistake

The economic downturn amid the COVID-19 pandemic has caused some to accept partial rent payments from struggling tenants. By Cedra Mayfield | March 04, 2021 at 07:16 PM | The original version of this story was published on Daily Report Online Closeup of red, white for rent sign attached, hanging on wooden apartment, house, home, building door with glass windows Landlords, beware. The economic downturn amid […]

A Change of Scenery: The Migration to Florida

Thu Dec 17, 2020 by on Florida Real Estate

A Change of Scenery: The Migration to Florida

Since the pandemic began, relocating to Florida has accelerated. In fact, since 2014, Florida eclipsed NY, becoming the third largest state in population behind Texas and California. People are leaving the Northeast and relocating to Florida particularly for the climate and because Florida just so happens to be one of only seven states with no state income-tax. Why Florida? Prior […]

Climate Change: Rising Seas and the South Florida Housing Market

florid underwater cbs 4

The notion of climate change, specifically rising seas,  affecting coastal homes and properties within Florida is not necessarily novel.  We have been addressing this issue for some time, raising the question of how coastal flooding may impact the housing market in general. Yesterday, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Sun-Sentinel all reported the same story:  Florida […]

Moral Hazard v. Mitigation: What will be the response to COVID-19 Foreclosures?

Moral Hazard v Mitigation What will be the response to COVID-19 Foreclosures

As the Coronavirus pandemic unfortunately continues, a substantial number of U.S. homeowners are struggling to pay their mortgages. With nearly half the U.S. population jobless,  4.6 million American homeowners were in some type of non-repayment as of last month which signals that the number of those not being able to pay their mortgage will only increase. As a result, the […]

Business Liability Waivers During COVID-19

Sat Jun 20, 2020 by on Business & Florida Real Estate

Business Liability Waiver

With the reopening of businesses during the general uncertainty as to when the coronavirus will be eradicated, business owners are increasingly becoming concerned about potential liability. As a result, many businesses are requiring both workers and customers to sign waivers saying they won’t sue if the catch COVID-19. The question becomes…are such waivers enforceable? While there is no federal legislation […]